My New Year’s Resolution

It’s been 3 weeks since the New Year has started and I wonder, how many people are actually keeping up with their New Year Resolutions?

I’ll never understand why so many people wait to make changes to their lives. Guilty as charged, I used to be that person who waited to make changes in my life, but now I’ll never understand what the wait was really for. Why not make a positive change earlier instead of waiting for tomorrow?

“Never put off tomorrow when you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson

Saying, “I’ll start my diet next month” or “I’ll go to the gym next week” or even waiting until the new year comes is just a small way of buying some time, wasting all this potential you’ve kept stored. Because, what’s the difference between the years? Nothing! You’re still the same you, because you made no changes to better your life.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Why not say, “fuck it. I am starting right now!” That’s when real change happens. That’s when real growth happens. That is when “new year, new me” really applies.

I am so thankful I stopped waiting for the right time and learned to just go for it. That simple change in mindset really made a difference in my life in 2018. That’s why I would claim 2018 as my best year yet. Before that, I complained year after year after year. And I got exhausted of not reaching my goals.

This is exactly why I decided not to make a New Year Resolution. Why wait to make your life better? Why not make it better now? Start right there and then!

Recently, I chose to focus on being more positive, truly being happy, and enjoying my life. I bought a book called “52 Lists for Happiness.” I set 30 minutes aside every Sunday afternoon by blocking that time on my calendar. I also think about the highlight of my week and write it down. I drop that into a jar, which I’ll read at the end of this year.

If you’re reading this, I challenge you to pick one thing in your life that you want to change right now. And set aside time every week to make sure you can make it happen. Get a journal, set alerts on your phone, or even schedule time into your calendar. Do whatever it takes so you can look back and say “I did it!” 

What change(s) are you trying to make in your life?

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