7 Superpowers you never knew you had

Growing up, I always wished I had super powers. A lot of my time was spent wondering what life would be like if I could fly, become invisible, or know what other people were thinking. Those were the top 3 superpowers I wished I could have. Well the truth is, those three superpowers I wished for were the results of my insecurities

  • I wanted to fly because I wanted to get away from living in such a judgemental community and home
  • Growing up in a predominantly white town where my classmates made fun of the food that I ate, the oil in my hair, and the clothes that I wore made me want to be invisible
  • As a kid, I was very gullible and I realized people were taking advantage of that, which made me want to read their minds to know what their true intentions were

Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t actually have superpowers. I couldn’t fly like Wonder Woman, dissapear like Invisagirl, or read minds like Edward from Twilight. But, not having superpowers never stopped Batman. So, all I needed was my own Batcave filled with high-tech gadgets.

I started watching this show “Lie to Me,” where Dr. Cal Lightman has mastered microexpressions and has used his ability to solve crimes. He interviews different suspects or parties invovled. Along with his team, Dr. Lightman can solve crimes by studying people’s facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. So, I used this show as a way to learn things. Maybe, I can’t read people’s minds, but maybe I can see their intentions in their facial expressions.

I started to realize that the foundation of their method was to analyze how people reacted or responded to them. And that is exactly what I needed to start doing. Now, I’m no Dr. Lightman, but I do feel that I can better understand people based on how they communicate with me. And I started to feel like that was my own little superpower.

I realized that we all have or develop our own real life superpowers. These are 7 things we can control. Just like a young superhero, we need to discover and learn how to properly develop our powers.

7) How we respond to challenges in life

At some point in our lives, we all have to face a situation we weren’t prepared for. Life doesn’t always go the way you planned. Check out my recent blog post on learning how to deal when something doesn’t go your way.

6) Persuasion

Being able to negotiate and persuade someone is a superpower we all want. Can we persuade someone to give us a second chance? Can we convince someone to sell us what we want for a lower price? Being able to get people to see your point of view isn’t an easy task, but it is a useful one.

5) Communication

Being able to understand micro expressions, body language, and tone are all forms of communication. This can help you reach your goals. Being able to communicate has so many benefits you’re probably already aware of. Check out my 5 leading communication tips.

4) Being Optomistic

Being optomistic will change the outcome. Having a positive mindset will help you handle stressful situations better and decrease your anxiety or stress. We often think things into existance so in a way, we predict our own futures by deciding how we think it will end. Telling yourself you’re not smart enough to pass the test will probably end with you doing poorly. Telling yourself you can get the job will help you pass the interview. A simple change in mindset can go a long way.

3) Using the word “No”

Saying “No” gives us the power back and let’s us control situations and essentially our lives. The art of saying No allows you to tell people they can no longer control you anymore. You’re no longer the underdog!

2) Flight

No, we can’t fly, but we can travel. Traveling by airplane to other parts of the contry or the world is always an eye opening experience. I’ve never heard anyone regret traveling. And there’s something about being in the clouds that just feels so pure. Every part of the world can teach you something valuable.

1) Being a Human Being

Empathy and being able to understand other people is one of the most important superpowers we can have. Every person who’s helped me during my struggles has always taught me something and made me feel like this world is a better place because of their generosity. It’s allowed me to help others and connect with them. And everytime I’ve taken a moment to help someone or just empathize with them has helped me as well.

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