Let’s Agree to Disagree

Have you ever disagreed with someone you couldn’t get your point across to? I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, especially in the online world. People disagree because they can’t seem to understand the other person’s point of view (POV).

In my previous article about communication, I talked about how sometimes a=b when the other person isn’t on the same page as me. Well, what’s the best solution then? What do you do when it seems like the back and forth will just never stop?

I say we agree to disagree. Even if it’s over something so simple that it’s actaully frustrating how impossible it is that the other person just doesn’t get it. When you’ve made all your points with the receipts and it’s insane that they still don’t agree with you.

The truth is, you will never get everyone to agree with your opinion, because it’s just that; your opinion. Now, I’m sure you know what the definition of an opinion is. But, what a lot of us continue to forget is that there are so many different opinions on every topic of conversation. I’ve seen people disagree on topics such as world hunger. Yes, world hunger! Because it’s never as easy as having one billionare buy resources and feed 13% of the global population that is mal-nurished. I’ve even seen people disagree on if you can end an argument at “agree to disagree.”

Another big thing I’ve seen is that a lot of people think that if majority of people share an opinion, then that opinion is now a fact. There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. Just because a lot of people agree with you, doesn’t mean you should try to push your opinion on to other people. Especially on social media where most people are just trying to create controverseis or become twitter warriors for clout. Check out Pooja Patel’s tweet I couldn’t NOT retweet.

People who believe in “cancel culture” are the same people following these clickbait conclusions. If you haven’t seen Jameela Jamil‘s video on this, I highly recommend you watch her video below.

So have your opinions, do your research, and continue learning. Whenever you come across a situation where neither side can come to an agreement, just agree to disagree. You can straight up let them know that you want to agree to disagree or stop responding at any point or even walk away. There’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree and don’t let anyone force you to believe otherwwise.

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