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Do you feel like your confidence has slowly been eroded away so much it’s stopping you from being who you know you are and achieving your goals? Then you’re going to love this!

Let me tell you who this course isn’t for. If you’ve been searching for instant results or overnight success. I’ve been seeing a lot of these courses or sales ads online guaranteeing you instant results. I hate seeing those ads because they’re trying to hit you where you’re vulnerable just to make a sale. These are the people focused more on marketing rather than course content or counseling. This course isn’t one of those.

My promise, to you, is that this course will help you take action to get confidence if you are willing to invest in yourself. Growth is about progress and nothing worth achieving happens over night. There’s really no such thing as an “overnight success.” Do you think Rihanna woke up one day and said I wanna be an internationally known singer, actress, fashion designer, start my own make up brand, and become a business woman? She was singing way before that day she was discovered back in 2003.

I won’t scare you into taking this course (fear is another marketing tactic). We all want to live a confident life and find the meaning of life or our purpose here on earth. I believe I’ve found mine. I want to help people gain confidence, because I’ve been in your shoes before and I know what you’re going through. 

During a game, have you ever noticed that person sitting on the bench the whole time? I was that person during this game we call life. I spent years sitting on the sideline watching life just pass me by. I knew I was put on this earth for a reason and that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. I wanted to start living my story, the one I was meant to live. 

This course is about learning to get out on that field and start playing! To start achieving a state of mind. A feeling. Trusting your own abilities. (This is how I define true confidence). 

In 2017, I decided to get out there and start playing. During these two years, I noticed there was an abundance of resources online. But as I took time to analyze them, I wasn’t happy with what I saw. I fell victim to coaches trying to manipulate me and online products that added no real value. There wasn’t really much out there that had exactly what I wanted. What good is a book about confidence if it doesn’t teach me to apply a positive mindset? What good is a list of daily challenges if they don’t provide encouragement? What good is a coach if all they just tell me is that I need to hit the gym more? I wanted to create a course that combines all the helpful tools into one product.



Find out what mistakes most people are making and what’s stopping them from achieving their goals, landing that dream job, and growing the confidence to start living a happier lifestyle


Don’t delay the process anymore by wondering if you can do it too, because you can! I made this course based off of my own experiences these past 2 years so it will only take you 2 months!


Unlike other instrcutors, I’ll give you the tools you need to start building self-confidence, GUARANTEED! You’ll get weekly videos, access to our facebook support group, and daily tasks to boost your self-confidence.

Meet Your Coach: Ravina Shah

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“My best friend is sharing some tips that helped better herself in terms of self growth! Check out this course she came up with to help you improve yourself!”

– Rima Majmundar

“We all wish we had that someone to help get us get to where we want to be, but didn’t know who that person would be. But now, you can turn to Ravina Shah to be that person for you!”

– Kajal Desai

“Check out my amazing sis and let her abundance of knowledge help you!!!”

– Krupa Patel